Here is our contact info.
If you have a loved one over sea and would like a carepackage sent to them, Calendar ordering , or just to find out more and be put on our mailing list.
Also Our newest add-on , A Letter From a Pin-up . Sign a love one up. He or she will get a letter of appreciation from one of our pin-ups with a signed picture.
Also If you or someone you know who is a veteran or serving and is in need of assistance because life is unexpected please contact us; cause once a HERO always a HERO! 

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Contact info 

Party-Girls Pin-Ups INC.
 P.O. Box 20873
Milwaukee , WI 53220

President & Founder 
Kaitlyn O'Malia

PR Rep 
Vivacious Violet

Bookings & Volunteer Applications
Allison Pollock

Please Help us out  and donate to our cause when you do you help fill the gap in funding the VA Hospitals and USO who help our current service men, women, and veterans of the military. Did you know that the main USO does not help fund all the branches of the USO but only the TOP 5! When donating 15% is set aside to help a soldier or veteran in need.

Please donate to help us give back To Those  who protect our freedom Past and Present 

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